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The Benefits of Employing a Line Matrix Printer in the Airline Industry

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The airline industry is a vast global operation comprised of thousands of different companies. Many different regulations, laws, inspections and securities are put in place to provide safety to the people and goods being transported around the world. While most people think these safety regulations are focused towards human transportation, the warehousing and cargo facilities are strictly managed as well.

In some of the world’s largest cargo airports, over 2 million tons of cargo is handled annually. These businesses have to be extremely thorough with their documentation. Whether it be at line stations, workshops, warehouses or hangars one mistake in paperwork or labeling could cost millions in product and adjustment costs, plus possible legal ramifications for mismanaged items. Without clear and accurate documents warehouse agents cannot verify piece counts, weights, cargo conditions and security protocols for all cargo accepted.

Inventory needs to be managed, inspected, verified and documented for the next component of the supply chain to proceed. Delivery sheets, bills of lading and manifests need to be created in rapid succession. The constant cycle of labeling and inventory management as well as production of carbonized and uncarbonized picking tickets needs to be maintained without excessive downtime to keep operations running efficiently and customers happy. When a company is printing over 3,000 documents a day in harsh environments like loading docks and warehouses, they need to know they can count on their technology to keep up with their demands.

Finding Solutions

In an industry where a resilient supply chain is needed or there could be financial and economic ramifications, technology is counted on to keep up with grueling demands. Line matrix printers are built to be rugged and reliable. Creating clear and accurate documentation 24/7 is crucial in the airline industry, so printer downtime is not an option. Printronix line matrix printers have a heavy duty cycle with the longest mean time to failure and require less user intervention. These printers can withstand temperatures from 50°F to 104°F. They have sealed electronics and heavy-duty operator interfaces with stored energy shuttle matrix technology and metal cabinetry. Line printers are made to operate in the harshest warehouse and loading dock environments.

Printronix line matrix printers also have the lowest cost per page printed, driven by hardware reliability and high yield/low cost consumables as well as an embedded microchip technology which provides precise, integrated control over ribbon life and print quality. Since warehouses, hangers, loading docks and line stations all print different types of important forms, they need a printer that can do the same. Line matrix printers can print up to 6-part multi-part forms with high-quality, without compromising output speed. Paper stock widths from 3 to 17” can be used so documents of all types can be printed on the same printer with ease. Print quality and style can be easily adjusted to meet the demands for any particular report.  Text, graphics and barcodes can all be printed on the same invoice. Delivery sheets, bill of lading, manifests and more can be printed quickly due to the high speed performance of line matrix printers (up to 2000 lines per minute), which also boosts efficiency. Printronix offers the best solution in terms of cost-effectiveness, reliability, speed and durability.