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TCO Calculator

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Printronix and TallyGenicom line matrix printers provide unrivaled savings on high volume printing, and the TCO Calculator demonstrates the total savings over the life of a project versus using a laser or serial dot matrix printer.

  • Users can select from different regions and currencies, as well as page coverage
  • Compares up to 4 printers total: 2 Printronix/TallyGenicom and 2 Laser/Serial options
  • Prices of printers and consumables are editable
  • Competitor printer names can be specified, and names are visible on printable report
  • Paper costs are editable and accommodate multipart form vs plain paper comparison
  • Customized additional costs can be added by the user
  • A real-time currency converter is available in the tool for user’s convenience
  • A printable PDF report provides a deliverable that can be presented to decision makers

Visit today to use the interactive online tool to determine how much you can save!