SAP Printer Vendor Program

SAP Printer Vendor Program

SAP Printer Vendor Program


As a certified member of the SAP Printer Vendor Program, Printronix has passed a thorough development and quality assurance process, and we continue to drive the personalized support that Printronix is known for to our customers who use SAP. SAP users can rely on the fact that Printronix printers will integrate with their SAP environment. This global certification enables Printronix to ensure easy integration of Printronix printers with SAP environments, providing benefits such as:

SAP users don’t have to buy third-party software or download special fonts to their Printronix printers

SAP specified font sizes and attributes can be programmatically sent to a printer driver and then the printer without user intervention

Since Printronix writes our own printer drivers, our customers can request special enhancements or modifications to the printer output – like bigger font sizes or reverse printing – when needed

Printronix printer model / device type combinations are visible in the SAP device type wizard

Printronix SAP technical information can be found via SAP Wizard Note 1135107 (enter your SAP credentials to access SAP), which details printer models, device types, setup, and font support. To learn more about the seamless integration of Printronix printers into your SAP environment, contact your Printronix sales representative today.

*SAP and all SAP logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

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