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P8000 OpenPrint Series

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Printronix P8000 OpenPrint™ models utilize small hammertips and a unique firmware architecture to deliver high-definition print output capable of rendering all kinds of graphics, fonts, and barcodes at a resolution that is sure to impress.

For ERP, Windows, or other environments where PDF or PostScript compatibility is a must, Printronix’s OpenPrint™ Series will empower businesses to keep with the proven dependability, capability, and low cost of ownership of line matrix technology, while avoiding the complexity, compromise, and increased operating expenses that result from switching to laser. Every aspect of Printronix’s line matrix printers are designed to deliver superior up-time reliability, in addition to requiring less user intervention, generating less consumables waste, consuming less electricity, and lasting many years longer.

For businesses who may have already made the switch over to laser, and are now feeling the pain of substantially higher operating expenses, Printronix’s P8000 OpenPrint™ Series is a solution worth considering knowing that per page printing costs could be reduced by 85% or more.