Line Matrix

Line Matrix

Line Matrix Printers





  • Extremely high maximum monthly workload to meet & exceed the most demanding print requirements
  • Dependable operation in harsh environments withstanding humidity, extreme temperatures, and airborne contaminants
  • Durable sheet metal cabinetry and sealed electronic componentry


  • Media flexibility including multi-part, wide format, labels, card stock, and recycled media
  • Optional OpenPrint functionality offers ease of connectivity to ERP or WMS applications generating PDF or PostScript output (P8000 Plus Models only)
  • Flexible connectivity with standard support for Ethernet 10/100BaseT, USB 2.0, and Serial RS-232
  • Optional support for 802.1X and IPv6 allow for compatibility with changing network environments (P8000 Plus Models only)


  • Ultra-low consumables cost per page is around 1/5th that of laser
  • Powerful remote management for printer configuration, firmware downloads, and diagnostics
  • Consumes less energy than laser, while generating far less consumables waste

P8000 / P8000 Plus Cabinet

The flagship of the series, the P8000 Cabinet models are the printers of choice when quiet operation and/or high-speed performance is paramount.

  • Acoustically sealed enclosure produces less noise emissions than most laser printers
  • Unmatched reliability and tolerance for a wide range of office and industrial environments
  • Available in 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 LPM speeds
  • P8000 Plus Models — P8C15 & P8C20 — deliver improved print quality and offer optional OpenPrint PDF & PostScript functionality and support for 802.1X and IPv6.
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P8000 Open Pedestal

The P8000 Open Pedestal is the most cost effective choice for environments where noise is not a concern.

  • Smaller footprint with easy access to forms retrieval
  • Preferred choice for manufacturing and transportation environments
  • Available in 500 and 1000 LPM speeds
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P8000 Zero Tear

The P8000 Zero Tear is intended for customers printing expensive multi-part forms or those printing serialized documents.

  • Print on-demand, single form tear-off usability
  • Smaller Open Pedestal footprint with tractors below the print line to allow for zero forms waste in-between tear-offs
  • Available in 500 and 1000 LPM speeds
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P8000 Enclosed Pedestal

The P8000 Enclosed Pedestal combines the small footprint and ease of forms retrieval of a pedestal printer with an acoustically sealed front enclosure for less noise emissions.

  • Intended for use in office environments with space limitations
  • Approximately 33% less perceived noise emission than speed equivalent Open Pedestal models
  • Available in 500 LPM or 1000 LPM speeds
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P8000 OpenPrint HD

The P8000 OpenPrint models combine the simplicity of PDF & PostScript printing, with the dependability, capability, and low ownership cost that only line matrix technology can deliver.

  • High-quality text, graphics and barcodes without the need for custom coding
  • Compatible with virtually any ERP application capable of outputting PDF or PostScript
  • Native support for 35 PostScript Level 3 fonts
  • Printronix Sure Scan technology identifies barcode images and replaces them with printer generated barcodes for optimal readability
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Line Matrix Printer Consumables

Since supplies are a critical element of your printing system, their design, specification and selection are very important. We’ll ensure that you’ll receive the exact materials required to maximize the performance of your Printronix printer. Genuine Printronix Supplies are pretested and ready to perform – right out of the box.

Watch how Printronix P8000 Line Matrix Printers solve high-volume industrial printing challenges.

When it comes to industrial printing, large scale operations often face large-scale challenges. How do you decide on a long-term solution that’s reliable, cost-effective and meets your business’ needs? Whether you’re migrating to a new warehouse management system or looking to replace failing laser printers, find out how Printronix’s P8000 printers could be the perfect solution for your growing business.


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