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Line Matrix Printers Meet a Variety of Needs in India’s Life Insurance Industry

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Current Situation

India’s current population is upwards of 1.3 billion people. With such a large population it is no surprise that there are over twenty life insurance companies spanning the country with thousands of branches. India is projected to be among the top three life insurance markets in the world by 2020 ( In order to remain on top in what is become an increasingly competitive market in India, business processes will be challenged to operate efficiently.

Life Insurance branches deal with a daily influx of customers. Each customer has their own policy documents, claims, and receipts that need to be created and maintained. Many of these documents are multi-part forms and reports that are legally mandated notices. If not managed properly, legal action could be taken. With so many bulk documents being repeatedly printed, these branches need to find a cost-effective way to keep up with demand. Being able to print a new policy document or claim form on a multi-part document, and have the efficiency that comes with using this type of form, keeps both employees and customers happy and business running smoothly. These companies need to be able to count on a fast, cost-effective and reliable printer.

Effective Solutions

In a fast growing industry like life insurance in India, competition will increase. In order to rise above their rivals, companies and their branches will need to show customers they can excel at meeting their needs. Reliable, efficient ways to get documentation created will make customers feel confident in their choice of provider. Multi-part forms play a crucial role in this industry and there is no better printer for multi-part forms then a line matrix printer. Bulk amounts of policy documents and claim forms are constantly being created. Using a line matrix printer to produce quick, accurate and easy to read pre-connected forms saves time and money. The hassle of using a laser printer to print multiple copies of the same form, fill out each and then attach them together is eliminated, along with the risk of potentially mismanaging secure documents. Using a line matrix printer, the user can print up to 6-part forms in one pass with high-quality, easy to read text and graphics, without compromising output speed. With printer speeds of up to 2,000 lines per minute and paper stock widths from 3 to 17”, documents of all types can be printed on the same printer with ease. Print quality and style can be easily adjusted to meet the demands for any particular document, notice, claim, receipt, or whatever is needed.

Line matrix printers are built to be rugged and reliable. Keeping up with demands requires proper documentation, so printer downtime is not an option. Printronix line matrix printers have a heavy duty cycle with the longest mean time to failure and require less user intervention. They also have the lowest cost per page printed, driven by hardware reliability and high yield/low cost consumables. Energy efficiency settings allow the unit to stay on in idle power mode, lowering energy costs. Our Zero-tear printer option helps cut down costs normally associated with expensive pre-printed invoices by allowing them to be printed one at a time with zero waste.  Line matrix printers are the right choice for the life insurance industry in India because they offer the best solution in terms of cost-effectiveness reliability, speed and durability.