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How Line Matrix Printers Meet a Variety of Needs in the Dairy Industry

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The dairy industry is expansive. The process in which dairy products are made and go from cow to table is comprised of hundreds of working parts and people. Farms, facilities, testing laboratories and packing warehouses among others are all involved in the process of producing dairy products. Since the dairy market globally is often among one of the most heavily regulated agricultural markets, thousands of forms and documents need to be produced daily to comply with regulations. Many different types of documentation is needed just to get the milk to pass testing for use. Handling reports, usage receipts, producer compliance forms, facility testing documentation, food safety documents and hundreds of other mandatory documents and forms are constantly needing to be printed to keep the farms and facilities moving. Printer downtime will slow the flow of information and hinder production, costing valuable time and money. When you have a product with a sensitive expiration date, downtime as a result of your technology could be detrimental to production.

Precise transportation documentation, shipping records, product labeling and other critical quality maintenance records need to be printed quickly and in a variety of different environments. On the farm there is risks of mold, dust, debris and the dangers of heavy machinery being moved around. In a production facility heat and refrigeration are both common factors. Whether it be the heat from the pasteurization process or cold from the packaging and storage process, a printer needs to be able to withstand these harsh environment aspects and keep working. No matter the size of the dairy production operation, information needs to flow seamlessly through each layer to achieve a finished product.

Finding Solutions

In an industry with so many moving parts, quick and accurate information is vital. One multi-part form may need to make its way through four facilities and collect multiple signatures before the milk with it can be distributed to consumers. Line Matrix printers provide the most reliable source for creating multi-part forms. Laser printers cannot produce these forms in one pass, the user would have to print 4 or 5 copies of the same form and attach them together. Using a line matrix printer the user can print up to 6-part forms in one pass with high-quality, easy to read text and graphics, without compromising output speed. With printer speeds of up to 2,000 lines per minute and paper stock widths from 3 to 17”, documents of all types can be printed on the same printer with ease. Print quality and style can be easily adjusted to meet the demands for any particular report.

Line matrix printers are designed to work in the harshest environmental conditions. Our printers can withstand temperatures from 50°F to 104°F. They have sealed electronics and heavy-duty operator interfaces with stored energy shuttle matrix technology and metal cabinetry. These printers are made to operate in the harshest manufacturing and warehouse environments. Mold, mildew, dust and debris that can cause breakdowns and part damage are sealed out, unlike laser printers, enabling them to continue to perform at their best. Dairy production operates on tight margins and with high quality expectations. Any loss of downtime could compromise the product and disrupt the supply chain. It is important to make the best choices for your business challenges and goals. Printronix offers the best solution in terms of cost-effectiveness, reliability, speed and durability.