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How Line Matrix Printers Excel in the Demanding Environment of the Mining Industry

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Unique Challenges

The mining industry is fast paced and demanding. A number of factors are constantly running in tandem in order to keep business moving. This industry has its own unique dangers and one failure in operations could result in millions of dollars lost. In regards to the printing demands within a mining environment, printing is often done onsite near the mine shafts. Printers are used to produce a variety of important documents and therefore need to be high speed and able to handle large volumes of printing in often hazardous environments. Blasting certificates are critical in this industry. Without proper multipart form blasting certificates, productivity would come to a halt. These certificates are mandatory for underground mine work and safety requirements; without them work would stop, money would be lost and unrest may develop in hourly wage earners. Time and attendance slips are also extremely important, without them the miners cannot clock in and out and this could affect payment. Additionally, if wage slips cannot be printed on time and workers’ pay is affected, mines run the risk of worker strikes.

In addition to speed, print volumes and reliability, ruggedness is incredibly important. Mines are often located in remote areas where accessibility is an issue. Due to the multitude of onsite dangers at a mining site, allowing access for IT personnel or visitors to come in a fix a downed printer is a difficult task. Safety is taken seriously and security regulations are extensive. If a printer is constantly going down due to its harsh surroundings, overuse or constant consumables replacement needs, a company will lose productivity and money jumping through regulatory hoops to bring in IT workers.

Effective Solution

When a robust infrastructure is critical to daily operations in the mining industry, a printer that can keep up is crucial. Line matrix printers excel in handling the heavy workload, harsh environments and remote nature of mining environments. Line printers are designed to accommodate single and multiple form printing meeting the demands of all time and attendance and blasting certificate needs. Laser printers cannot produce these forms in one pass, the user would have to print 4 or 5 copies of the same form and attach them together, taking up precious productivity time. Up to 6-part forms can be printed with high-quality and easy to read text and graphics, without compromising output speed. When one mine shaft must print up to 1600 forms per day, this is critical.

Line matrix printers are tough and designed to work in the harshest environmental conditions. These printers can withstand temperatures from 50°F to 104°F. They have sealed electronics and heavy-duty operator interfaces with stored energy shuttle matrix technology and metal cabinetry, perfect for a brutal and demanding mining environment. Mold, mildew, dust and debris that can cause breakdowns and part damage are sealed out, unlike laser printers, enabling them to perform at their best. Printronix and TallyGenicom line matrix printers have a heavy duty cycle with the longest mean time to failure and require less user intervention. They also have the lowest cost per page printed, driven by hardware reliability and high yield/low cost consumables. All of these factors benefit a mining company’s bottom line: saving time, increasing productivity and combating the potential loss of revenue with a durable, cost efficient print technology that can excel in any environment needed.