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Benefits of Line Matrix Printing In Pharmaceutical Distribution

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The following offers an explanation of the critical printing elements required in pharmaceutical distribution, and demonstrates solutions for employing Printronix and TallyGenicom line matrix printers.


Distributors in the Pharmaceutical industry are not just about the safe delivery of medicine to patients, but are also required to manage a complex supply chain process between pharmacies, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers.  Without them, manufacturers of these medications would be forced to spend extra time, money and resources on logistics, staffing and delivery services. In order to maintain a reliable and secure system, a pharmaceutical distributor needs to have the right tools to manage the constant and immense flow of confidential information and product.

These distribution facilities print thousands of multi-part invoices, purchase orders, shipping documents, and secure forms for an average of 15 hours per day, they can’t afford downtime. A streamline approach is critical, it optimizes efficiency and expedites the fulfillment process. Efficient form handling, reliable printer management and a low total cost of ownership are all vital in saving both time and money.

Implementing a Solution

Since pharmaceutical distributors produce thousands of documents in their warehouses and offices each day and have a variety of print needs, line matrix printers are the best choice. Line Matrix printers are designed to deliver the best in multi-part form printing, avoiding unnecessary effort to fill out multiple copies of the same forms and potentially mismanaging secure documents. Up to 6-part forms can be printed with high-quality, without compromising output speed. Text, graphics and barcodes can all be printed on the same invoice. To assist in data security, specialty ribbons are available for multi-part invoices that enable a no print first copy. Our Zero-tear printer option helps cut down costs normally associated with expensive pre-printed invoices but allowing then to be printed one at a time with zero waste. Reports and forms can be printed quickly due to the high speed performance of line matrix printers (up to 2000 lines per minute), which also boosts efficiency.

Line matrix printers are built to be rugged and reliable. Fulfilling orders depends on proper invoices and records, so printer downtime is not an option. Printronix Line Matrix printers have a heavy duty cycle with the longest mean time to failure and require less user intervention. They also have the lowest cost per page printed, driven by hardware reliability and high yield/low cost consumables. Energy efficiency settings allow the unit to stay on in idle power mode, lowering energy costs. Since these facilities operate in multiple locations, some without IT departments, remote diagnostics enables printer status monitoring and configuration. A crucial benefit of Printronix and TallyGenicom line matrix printers is the inclusion of PrintNet Enterprise. PrintNet Enterprise is a remote management utility that provides superior control over networked printers, allowing for full remote printer fleet control via the use of a virtual operations panel and real-time dashboard. An IT operator can easily access configuration settings, updates, printer resources and receive an email or SMS alerts if a print issue needs to be addressed from anywhere in the world. This helps keep intervention costs low and productivity up.


Using line matrix printers in a pharmaceutical distribution company is a smart choice. When timing, efficiency, reliability and durability are of the utmost importance, a line matrix printer will give a company confidence that they are using the best and most cost efficient technology to meet the demands of their business.