Printronix Business Continuity Statement - COVID-19 Impact

We all are facing an unprecedented challenge finding solutions to fight the Coronavirus pandemic and keep our communities and families safe and healthy while responding to sudden changes to guarantee business continuity.

Recently, our sole factory in Malaysia was forced to close due to government orders to contain the virus. We are unsure of the duration of the closure and we will keep you informed. However, our key regional distribution centers are open and operating with the inventory they have on hand. The factory closure will have a short and mid-term impact on our ability to service all customers, especially as we have seen a sharp increase in demand for consumables, printers, and spare parts.

In addition, Printronix is honoring all Government mandates to flatten the curve on Coronavirus and all Printronix employees in the USA, India, Malaysia and other impacted countries are sheltering in place by working from home and are updated frequently with communication from the CDC and World Heath Organizations.  We are doing our part during this pandemic. All vendors and services that Printronix works with to supply products, logistics and services are asked to comply with these guidelines as well.

During the last few weeks, Printronix took steps, as a commitment to mission-critical business, to supply companies that most needed our products. We ensured that companies operating in food & beverage and other essential sectors like hospitals, pharmaceutical distribution, governments and utilities had enough stock to keep their business operating.

Effective April 1, 2020, Printronix will monitor and vet consumable orders to ensure the ability to respond to the urgent demands of companies operating in the food & beverage and other essential sectors including hospitals, pharmaceutical distribution, governments and utilities. Please refrain from ordering unnecessary quantities of consumables for extra stock or usage that does not include these vital services. When you order consumables, please indicate what end customer you need this product for or that you have an existing relationship with customers in the described industries. The orders fulfilling the criteria above will be prioritized.

Due to the potential impact of longer-term supply interruption, we will focus on supplying customers who most urgently need our products. For this reason, we are taking the following additional steps:

  • Limiting and modifying consumables orders that are not going to critical customers and quantities that are larger than normal usage. We reserve the right to allocate orders based on critical use customers. Please contact us to determine which customers are really in need for urgent delivery of consumables, as our local stock is limited.
  • Effective April 1, 2020, all pricing will conform to the published price list dated April 1, 2020, unless otherwise noted.
  • Partners in good standing and current on payments will be prioritized unless a critical end user within a mission-critical customer segment will be put at risk.

We would like to thank you for understanding and supporting the extra efforts to support essential industries during this challenging period. While we hope this crisis will soon be resolved, and we ensure to keep our team and families safe, we are working hard on finding alternative manufacturing capacity. Printronix has managed through many challenges during our 47 year history and we are certain that together we will emerge from this challenge stronger. Until then, let’s work together through this, taking care of those who need our products and services the most and above all stay healthy and prudently practice social distancing.

Werner Heid

Chief Executive Officer

Our Printronix Technical Support and Sales Team remain available.

Please contact your regional Printronix Office for further information.